Best 5 Korean coffee instant stick brands

Which coffee sticks brands are delicious in Korea? The no.1 brand of coffee sticks in Korea is Maxim made by Dongsuh Food. The market share of coffee sticks of Maxim is almost 80% in Korea. Thus most products which I’ll introduce are made of Maxim sticks. There are 5 popular coffee sticks in Korea such … Read more

Best CJ Bibigo Soup TOP 5, what do I eat?

What would be good Bibigo soup? There are 5 kinds of CJ Bibigo soup. Bone beef soup, Bone pork soup, Tofu spicy soup, and short rib soup. Bibigo is a quick food brand in South Korea by CJ which is the biggest food and entertainment company in Korea. If you have a microwave or stove, … Read more

IT Companies in South Korea with their websites’ links

Almost IT companies I introduced for you are public companies or very big startup companies, which means almost companies below are the number one market shares in their business of Korea.   1.Search Engine/Mobile Messenger company (1)Naver Naver is the largest search engine company in South Korea. The market share of Naver is about over … Read more

Best 5 Korean banks account for foreigners

What kinds of banks would you open accounts in Korea for foreigners? There are five good banks for foreigners in Korea. KEB Hana Bank, KB Bank, Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, and IBK Bank. And let’s find out other banks such as NH Bank, SC Bank Korea, Korea City Bank, and KaKao Bank, too.   1.KEB … Read more

Best 3 places to shop in Seoul, just simple choice!

Which places are good for shopping in Seoul? There are 3 places to shop in Seoul Dongdaemun Area, Hongdae Area, and Gangnam Area. You could find the best places to shop in Seoul near there.   1.Dongdaemun Area, inexpensive markets The first place to shop in Seoul is the Dongdaemun area. Near Dongdaemun, there are … Read more

Gwangjang Market Hours – 3 kinds of times

Gwangjang Market Hours Food Markets: 365days~ AM 09:00 ~ PM 11:00 The Food markets of Gwanjang Market open 365 days from AM 09:00 to PM 11:00. If the major purpose of visiting there is to eat something, please feel free to visit Gwanjang Market anytime even though including Sunday or holiday. Gwangjang Market Foods and … Read more

How to go to hello APM Dongdaemun

How to go to hello APM Dongdaemun? Hello APM is on the opposite side of DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza). Also, you could go Hello APM from Exit 14, line 2, Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station. Address 1 : 253 Jangchungdan-ro, Gwanghui-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea Address 2 : 서울특별시 중구 광희동 장충단로 253 Tel : … Read more

kinds of long Korean rice cakes and recipe

long Korean rice cakes Long Korean rice cakes are called for Garae-tteok in Korean. Usually Korean bought them from normal mart or gristmill. Korean cook with long rice cake for Tteokbokki and rice-cake soup(Tteokguk). But most delicious cook is roasted Garae-Tteok. Korean usually eat long rice cakes with honey.   where can i buy Korean rice … Read more

Get rid of warts with Job’s tears powder in few days

Remove Warts? —> Eat Job’s tears powder Job’s tears powder(Adlay, Yulmu) could remove your warts in few days. It is really simple, fast and inexpensive!!!! What is Job’s tears powder? is it trustful? Buy Job’s tears powder Eat Job’s tears powder Wait to fall off your every warts in few weeks. That’s it. 1.What is … Read more

korean tea citron best brand and for healthy

Best Korean citron tea brand There are no major citron tea brand in South Korea. There are many small companies. Of course, Ottogi which is huge food company produces Ottogi Citron Tea. But it doesn’t dominate market share. South Korean usually buy foods at the E-mart(no.1 offline market share), Coupang(online no.1 market share), Homeplus(no. 2 … Read more