Best 3 places to shop in Seoul, just simple choice!

Which places are good for shopping in Seoul? There are 3 places to shop in Seoul

Dongdaemun Area, Hongdae Area, and Gangnam Area. You could find the best places to shop in Seoul near there.


1.Dongdaemun Area, inexpensive markets

The first place to shop in Seoul is the Dongdaemun area. Near Dongdaemun, there are many clothing markets.

Myeong-dong, DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza), Namdaemun Market, Dongdaemun Market(Gwangjang Market, Peace Market, Doota, and so on) and Insa-dong market.


You don’t have to divide these markets for each. These places are really near from Dongdaemun Area. You could just walk these shopping towns in just a few hours or in a day.



2.Hongdae Area, stylish young street!

Hongdae Area is near Hongik University which is South Korean University within TOP 15. Hongdae place is really famous for being trendy.


Many K-Pop artists, bands, singers, and young students could see you. You could shop for many trendy clothes in Korea in Hongdae Shopping Town.

Also, there are many clubs near Hongdae, which means this city operates 24 hours.


3.Gangnam Area, luxury shops

Gangnam-Gu is the most expensive city in Seoul. There are many rich celebrities in Gangnam-gu. Most expensive luxury houses, clothing markets are near Gangnam.


From luxury clothes to inexpensive stylish things, you could find easily in Gangnam Shopping Area.


There are Starfield Coex Mall, SM town Shop, Goto Mall underground Express Bus Terminal, Garosu-Gil in Sinsa-dong, Hyundai DepartmentStore in Gangnam, Rodeo Street in Apgujeong and Galleria Department Store.


(Bonus)Mario Outlet in Gasan Digital Complex really inexpensive!!!!

If you want to buy really inexpensive clothes which are famous brands, you could go to Mario Outlet in Gasan Digital Complex.


Mario Outlet fashion town is really famous for selling inexpensive clothes. Even people who live in Gangnam go to Mario Outlet, sometimes. Because stuff in Gangnam is too expensive.

Clothes in Dongdaemun are stylish but cheap. But clothes in Mario Outlet are of high quality. Because these clothes are carryover stuff from major brands.

Also, there are many cloth factories near Mario Outlet.