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Best CJ Bibigo Soup TOP 5, what do I eat?

What would be good Bibigo soup? There are 5 kinds of CJ Bibigo soup. Bone beef soup, Bone pork soup, Tofu spicy soup, and short rib soup.

Bibigo is a quick food brand in South Korea by CJ which is the biggest food and entertainment company in Korea.

If you have a microwave or stove, cook really fast. There are spicy soup and non-spicy soup, too.


1.Bibigo Korean Short rib soup

Bibigo short rib soup is tasty for people who like to eat beef. The taste of these soup tastes like eating beef.

when you sick or get a cold, it for you!
Bibigo Short Rib Soup
Short rib soup is really tasty when you sick or gets a cold. If you like to eat soup with beef tasty, it would be a good choice. It’s not spicy at all.

In Korea, short rib soup is a common food. Especially if people are sick or get cold, they eat short rib soup, sometimes for their health.


5 kinds of vegetables are in soup. It only takes 4 minutes to cook this soup with a microwave.


2.Bibigo Tofu Kimchi Paste soup

Bibigo Tofu(Soybean) Kimchi Paste Soup is a little spicy soup.

Spicy Kimchi and Tofu with soup
Bibigo Tofu Kimchi Paste Soup
If you like to eat tofu(soybean) with kimchi in spicy soup, it would be good choice.

And it has Kimchi, too so you could taste little spicy. If you like soybean and a little spicy soup, it would be a good choice.


But be careful if you are a vegetarian. Because there are no fork or beef in the soup but the base ingredient of Tofu Kimchi paste soup is by pork bone soup.


3.Bibigo Sagol Gomtang Beef Bone Flavored Soup

Sagol Gomtang soup with Bibigo is beef bone soup. People eat this soup when they feel like to eat something healthy.

Little greasy soup with beef bone
Bibigo Beef Bone Flavored Soup
If you like to eat beef bone flavored soup with no spicy, it would be a good choice. Especially when you sick or in really cold weather, it is really good choice.

But it is not beef it just bone soup. When getting a cold or feel sick, people eat this soup.



4.Bibigo hot spicy beef stew

Bibigo hot spicy beef stew is a soup with pepper powder and some beef.

hot spicy beef with spicy stew
Bibigo hot spicy beef stew
If you like to eat something spicy soup with beef, it would be good choice. Especially after eating something greasy, it is really good to recover your stomach.

It tastes so spicy. Especially, people feel disgusting after eating something greasy, they like to eat hot spicy beef stew.


Even it is really popular to eat after drinking alcohol.


5.Bibigo Pork Backbone Potato Stew

Bibigo pork back-bone stew is aka bone soup. It is a little spicy, too. And it has pork and pork bone. If you really like soup with pork, it might be a good choice.

pork backbone with potato stew little spicy
Bibigo pork backbone potato stew
If you like to eat spicy and pork backbone soup, bibigo pork backbone soup would be a good choice. Especially it has potato, too.

It might taste a little greasy. If you like to eat little greasy soup, pork back-bone stew would be a good choice. Or not Bibigo hot spicy meat stew would be a good choice.


If you like to eat pork backbone soup with potato, it would be a great choice.