Ubuntu change resolution method not using Terminal

After installing Ubuntu Gnome, the first thing you have to do is adjusting resolution of Ubuntu. The method changing resolution of Ubuntu is easy. First, open search box and type Display. Second, in Displays menu, drag top side of box to the left. Third, adjust resolution and click Apply. In addition, with this method, you … Read more

VirtualBox host key not working : How to change host key?

Why VirtualBox host key is not working? Because the basic shortcut of Virtualbox of Host Key is Right Control. This shortcut only exist in keyboard for desktop. But in many laptop, there is no Right Ctrl in keyboard layout. This difference between keyboard layout of Desktop and laptop makes error using host key. Let’s find … Read more

How to install Linux Ubuntu on Windows 10 using VirtualBox

Ubuntu Install Summary First it is recommend that at least, your pc needs more than 15 GB hard disk area(= Ubuntu iso 2 GB + Ubuntu install 12 GB)and more than 2GB memories(= 1GB for Ubuntu  + 1GB for your Windows) to install Ubuntu on Windows 10 using VirtualBox. Second, download Ubuntu Client iso file from … Read more