Gwangjang Market Hours – 3 kinds of times

Gwangjang Market Hours

Food Markets: 365days~ AM 09:00 ~ PM 11:00

The Food markets of Gwanjang Market open 365 days from AM 09:00 to PM 11:00. If the major purpose of visiting there is to eat something, please feel free to visit Gwanjang Market anytime even though including Sunday or holiday.


Cloth Market: Mon ~ Sat AM 09:00 ~ PM 06:00

The cloth markets of Gwanjang Market only open from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday and the holiday, there are closed.

And cloth markets operate until PM 06:00.

The main purpose of visiting there is to buy cloth or other stuff, you have to visit until PM 05:30 ~ 06:00.


Vintage Shops: 365days AM 10/11:00 ~ PM 07:00

The vintage shops of Gwanjang Market open from Monday to Saturday. The difference between the ordinary cloth markets and the vintage shops is that vintage shops close at PM 07:00.

  • Mon ~ Sat: AM 10:00 ~ PM 07:00
  • Sun: AM 11:00 ~ PM 07:00

Gwangjang Market Vintage shops hours and pictures 2020/01/02