Gwangjang Market how to get there from 4 subway stations

I share with you four ways to go to the Gwangjang Market from different subway stations which are Jongno 5-ga station, Euljiro 3-ga station, Dongdaemun station and Jongno 3-ga station.

Gwangjang Market from Jongno 5(o)-ga station

The nearest station from Gwangjang is Jongno 5-ga station. There are exit to get to gwangjang market from Jongno 5-ga station.

First, find exit 9 or 10. Exit 9 and 10 are in the Jongno Underground Shopping Center connected with Jongno 5-ga station.


When you came out, you could see Gwangjang Market, immediately.


Second method is getting out from exit 8. It would be not easy for foreigner tourist to find exit 10 or 9 in the Jongno Underground Shopping Center.

Because there are two many tourist underground shopping center.


And exit from 9 ~ 14 are not displayed Google Map.

Thus if you couldn’t find exit 9 or 10, just find exit 8. Exit 8 is one of the official exit of Jongno 5-ga station.


Just go straight 100 m. You could find Gwangjang Market left side of you.

From Euljiro 4-ga station

From Euljiro 4-ga station, you could walk to go there. It only takes 5 minutes.(258 m)

Go exit 4(subway line 5) or exit 5(subway line 2) and just go straight.


Come out exit 5 and go straight about 300 m.


Or come out exit 4 and go straight about 260 m.

You have to pass bridge over Cheonggyecheon stream.


You could find Gwangjang Market easily.


From Dongdaemun station.

Get out from exit 9 of Dongdaemun station.(subway line 4)


Go straight about 700m.


From Jongno 3-ga station to Gwangjang Market

Get out from exit 12(line 1). Jongno 3-ga station is so complex. Because 3 lines are transferred. You have to find line 1 to go to exit 12.


Just go straight about 400 m until Jongno 4-ga intersection.


You could find Gwangjang Market right side of intersection.


Gwangjang Market Operating Hours

Food Market : AM 09:00 ~ PM 11:00

Food markets selling like Makgeolli, Mayak Gimbap(rice roll), Tteokbokki, Bindaetteok(Korean pancake), Sundae(blood sausage) don’t have holiday. They work 365 days without even summer vacation. They work on sunday, too.


But many restaurant closed their last order until PM 09:00 ~ 10:30. Thus It’s good to visit there at least PM 8:00 ~ PM 08:30

Clothing Market : AM 10:00 ~ PM 07:00

Kwangjang Market is famous for vintage item of luxury brand item. These markets only operate from 10:00 to 19:00(PM 07:00).


Other clothing, accessories, fabric markets open AM 09:00/10:00 and closed PM 06:00/07:00. Thus it’s safe to visit clothing market from AM 10:00 ~ to PM 05:00.