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kinds of long Korean rice cakes and recipe

long Korean rice cakes

Long Korean rice cakes are called for Garae-tteok in Korean. Usually Korean bought them from normal mart or gristmill.


Korean cook with long rice cake for Tteokbokki and rice-cake soup(Tteokguk).


But most delicious cook is roasted Garae-Tteok. Korean usually eat long rice cakes with honey.




where can i buy Korean rice cakes

In Korea

Spicy rice cake for eat

If you want to just eat spicy rice cakes, you could eat them at the stores which are Dongdaemun YUPDUK, Jaws TTeokbokki and any Tteokbbokki house.

Dongdaemun YUPDUK is little expensive. It’s about $15 ~ $20. Korean usually eat them for delivery service.


Most stores such as Jaws Tteokbokki or any usual stores sell Tteokbokki in $3 ~ $5.


There are many many many Tteokbokki stores in city.



Spicy rice cake for recipe

If you want to make spicy rice cakes yourself, go mart such as E-Mart or any market near you. Long rice cakes for Tteokbokki are very common foods.

Pulmuone or CJ are big huge food company. But there are no major market ruler in rice cakes market. Thus just buy any brand or any where.



Not spicy but sweet rice cakes

If you want to buy sweet or salty rice cakes, go mart such as E-Mart, Homeplus, Savezone and any other supermarket.

Most rice cakes and food stores in the basement of those buildings.

Also, you could buy at the rice cake chain stores such as Tteokdam or bizeun(빚은).

Bizeun is famous rice cakes chain stores by SPC Samlip(Korean no.1 bread chain stores : Paris Baguette)


These kinds of stores are good especially for present.


But rice cakes business is not big. Most Korean just buy rice cakes any where. Usually they buy them at the near marts.


Out of Korea

Just buy it at online stores. But at online stores, you could buy just long rice cakes or Tteokbokki. It’s no easy buy no spicy rice cakes. Because those rice cakes are really perishable.


Korean rice cake soup

Korean rice cake soup is white salty soup which is so called Tteokguk in Korea.

Tteokguk 2

Usually Tteokguk have two kinds of styles. First is soup with beef slices. Second is soup with anchovy.

Both two methods are common in Korean rice cake soup recipe.

Koreans normally eat Tteoguk on new Year.


spicy rice cake recipe

Cooking ingredients : Rice cake for Tteokbokki 400g(14oz), fish cake 1 slice, water 480ml(480cc), green onion 1/2

Seasoning ingredients : Hot pepper paste 3 Tbs(45g), Sugar 1 Tbs(15g), Soy sauce 1 Tbs(15g), red pepper powder 1 Tbs(15g), corn syrup 1 Tbs(15g), chopped garlic 1 Tbs(15g)

1.Cut green onion and fish cake

2.On flying pan, put water and all kinds of seasoning ingredients. Ant boil them.

3.When water boiled up, start to put rice cake and fish cake. Heat them over medium heat.

4.Last put green onion. Finished.

Spicy rice cake is not difficult cook. Most Korean just buy Tteokbokki from store.


glutinous rice flour for Tteokbokki

Glutinous rice flour is really good for Tteokbbokki. But disadvantage of that is little expensive then pure flour rice cake.

In fact, most rice cakes which sold on Korean’s outdoors are made of just pure flour rice cakes, not with glutinous. Of course, some stores cook and sell Tteokbokki with expensive ingredient like glutinous rice flour.

Anyway it’s good to use glutinous rice flour for cooking Tteokbokki. But if you have plan to sell Tteokbokki, you don’t have to put them all.

It might be not efficient for planning selling Tteokbokki to use glutinous rice flour.