IT Companies in South Korea with their websites’ links

Almost IT companies I introduced for you are public companies or very big startup companies, which means almost companies below are the number one market shares in their business of Korea.


1.Search Engine/Mobile Messenger company


Naver is the largest search engine company in South Korea. The market share of Naver is about over 60% than Google which is about 30%.

Most young people use Google, but older people who have started their internet life by smartphone since 2008 tend to use Naver than Google.

Naver has much other business such as Naver Shopping, Naver Pay, Naver Cafe, Naver Blog, Naver Finance, Naver Real Estate, Naver Map, Naver Web Cartoon, Naver Video, Naver Cloud, Naver News, Naver Band, Naver Book, and so on.

It’s kinds of a Korean version of Baidu or Google in Korea.



KaKao is the biggest Mobile Messenger Company in Korea. There are no enemies in mobile messenger markets in Korea. It seems like a Korean version of Tencent.

Also, KaKao has many business sectors such as KaKao Games, KaKao Bank, KaKao Pay, KaKao Friends, KaKao Page(Web Cartoon), KaKao M(Entertainment Company which have over 100 actors or singers.) and KaKao Taxi(Call Taxi Service)



Daum is the third search engine company in Korea. (10%) A few years ago, KaKao had bought Daum. Daum search engine is smaller these days.


2.Computer Vaccine Company


AhnLab is the second biggest computer virus vaccine company in Korea. The major vaccine program of Ahalab is V3 series. You could easily see V3 series when you use online banking or stock trading system.


(2)SK Infosec

SK Infosec is the biggest computer security service in Korea. Also, this company is a subsidiary of SK Telecom Group.

The advantage of companies under SK Group is that they tend to pay much salary than normal Korean Companies.



Raonsecure is the vaccine company and bank security company.


(4)Igloo Security

Igloo Security is a vaccine company. And they also control cloud security.



SECUI is a vaccine company that is under Samsung group. And they also control cloud security.


3.Software Company


In the world, there is a WORD of MS. In Korea, there is a Hancom Office. Especially, government companies like to use Hancom Software series than WORD of MS.



RSUPPORT is a remote working program company in South Korea. Especially, this company is the number one market share not in Korea, but in Japan.


(3)East Soft

East Soft is a company that makes vaccines. You could easily see the ZIP file in Korean Computer files such as Alzip(알집).



TmaxSoft is Web application server company.


4.Online Shopping Store Design/Web Hosting/Domain Company


Cafe24 is a shopping store website design company such as Shopify.

The market share of Cafe24 of shopping mall solution is number one in Korea.

They provide web hosting, server hosting, domains, shopping mall, and co-locations.


(2)Korea Center(Mall Tail, Makeshop,, Podbbang)

Korea Center is also, a shopping mall design company so-called Makeshop.

The market share of Makeshop is about number 2.

Korea Center has Mall tail,, and Podbbang, too. is an online store for computer appliances. Podbbang is the number one podcast site in Korea.


(3)Godomall(NHN Godomall)

Godomall is a shopping mall design company by NHN Group.

The market share of Makeshop is about number 3.



Gabia is the number one internet domain company in Korea such as Godaddy. And they have web hosting or server hosting services, too.

This company is very famous for the awesome welfare system of Korean companies. And Gabia owns KINX which is the Ix/Idx data center company.


5.Online Shopping Company


Coupang is the largest online store in Korea. NAVER Shopping and Coupang have the biggest market share in Korea.

This company is famous for big investment by Son Masayoshi who is the CEO of Softbank.



Danawa is the largest online store, especially in computer appliances.


(3)Carrot Market

Carrot Market is a startup company. They have a mobile broker site of used appliances. These days, this company is watched easily in the news of investing by famous VC.


(4)Ebay Korea(Gmarket, Auction)

Ebay has a Korean company such as Gmarket and Auction. Gmarket and Auction are the same business-like Coupang.


(5)11st(SK Group)

11st is a shopping mall site such as Coupang, G-market, and Auction. SK Group owns 11st.


(6)Ticket Monster(Timon)

Ticket Monster is a shopping mall site such as Coupang.

Coupang, Ticket Monster, and Wemakeprice(위메프=Wemep) are called ‘Social Commerce‘ in Korean. They are the biggest social commerce companies in Korea.



Interpark is a famous site for online ticket reserving sites.



위메프(Wemakepriec)(Wemep) is a site such as Coupang.


6.Online Bookstore Company


YES24 is the largest online bookstore company in Korea.



Aladin is the second largest online bookstore in Korea.


7.Online Streaming BroadCast

(1)Afreeca TV

Afreeca TV is the number one online streaming broadcast application in Korea.

Afreeca TV defeats every strong global companies’ enemy from Twitch TV, Youtube Streaming to KaKao TV.


8.Game Company


NCSoft is a very famous online/mobile game company in Korea.

Lineage, Lineage 2, Lineage M, Lineage2 M, AION, Blade and Soul, Guild War 1/2


(2)KaKao Games

KaKao Games is a game platform company.

There are thousands of games are sold on KaKao Games platforms.

Playerunknown’s BattleGrouds, Black Desert Online, Eos the Blue, Path of Exile, Friends Marble for KaKao, GrandChase, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor



Nexon is really huge game company in Korea. In few years ago, Nexon had been the largest game company in Korea.

This company has gone public in Japan’s Stock Market.

The Kingdom of the Winds, Dark Ages, Maple Story 1/2, Mabinogi, Tree of Savior, Tera, Icarus, ArcheAge



Netmarble is 3 or 4 biggest game company in Korea.

GRAND CROSS, RAVEN, StoneAge Begins, Seven Knights, Knights Chronicle, Special Forces 2,



Smilegate is a very famous game company in Korea and the world.

Crossfire, Lostartk, Tales Runner, Soulworker, Epic 7 Seven, The Musician, Chaos Masters, Super Tank Rumble


(6)Pearl Abyss

Pearl Abyss is famous for its user-interactive service game company in Korea.

Black Desert, Balck Desert Mobile, PLAN 8, DokeV, Crimson Desert, Shadow Arena,



Com2us is a famous mobile game company in Korea.


(8)NHN Entertainment

NHN Entertainment is a famous game company in Korea. NHN had been a subsidiary of NAVER.

This company had been really famous for GoStop game so-called, Hangames.



Webzen is famous for games which are MU series, such as Mu online, Mu Tempest, Mu blue, R2, Mu Legend, and Mu Origin 1/2.


9.Telecommunication Company

There are only three kinds of telecommunication companies in Korea.

(1)SK Telecom

SK Telecom is the biggest telecommunication company in Korea. They have telephone services, internet services, mobile services, mobile internet services, and AI speakers such as AMAZON Alexa.



KT is the second biggest telecommunication company in Korea. The government has KT. They have telephone services, internet services, mobile services, mobile internet services, and AI speaker so-called ‘Genie‘.


(3)LG Uplus

LG Uplus is the third biggest telecommunication company in Korea. LG Group which is famous for LG Electronics has LG Uplus. They have telephone services, internet services, mobile services, and mobile internet services


10.IDX/IX Date Center


KINX is the only company which has IDX/IX Date Center in Korean except, SK Telecom, KT, and LG  Uplus.

IDX/IX Date Center is not the same as AMAZON AWS but the same as Equinix which of the stock price has climbed over 10000% in NASDAQ for the last 20 years.

Gabia which I said from above owns KINX. If you’re interested in network engineering, KINX might be a great company.


11.Securities Company based on IT

(1)Kiwoom Securities

Kiwoom Securities is a company that has the number one market share in online stock trading systems in Korea.

If you watch Korean people on youtube who are trading stock, you could easily see the screen of Kiwwon Securities HTS or MTS services.

Especially, Daou Technology and Daou Date, the parent companies of Kiwoom Securities, are IT services companies such as the cloud data center. Thus, Kiwoom Securities are kinds of IT finance company.

In fact, about 20 years ago, Kiwoom Securities has started the online stock trading system by the lowest trading fees. And now the HTS/MTS system is really better than any other HTS/MTS system of other securities companies.


12.Payroll Management Company

(1)Douzone Biz on

Douzone Biz on Group is the number one payroll management company in Korea. This company is a Korean version of