korean tea citron best brand and for healthy

Best Korean citron tea brand

There are no major citron tea brand in South Korea. There are many small companies.

Of course, Ottogi which is huge food company produces Ottogi Citron Tea. But it doesn’t dominate market share.


South Korean usually buy foods at the E-mart(no.1 offline market share), Coupang(online no.1 market share), Homeplus(no. 2 ~ 3 offline market share) and so on. You could check out the search result of citron tea on their online websites.

You could see that there are no major brand in each website. Many companies which produce citron tea and sell on the online markets don’t look having their own websites.

Because most their business are too small to make their own web site.

Citron tea aka ‘Yuja tea’ business is very small things.

Just pick up what you want to buy on any companies. There are no differences between products. Even though it is really common that people make Yuja tea themselves.

Ottogi honey citron tea

Ottogi Honey Citron Tea is citron tea with honey(3%).


Just Ottogi Citron tea doesn’t have honey.


How often should you drink Yuja tea?

Citron tea has too many sugar. Thus be careful to drink for diabetes patients.

Yuja(citron) is kind of lemon. Yuja has Vitamin C. But this is too sour and bitter to eat. Thus people eat citron with sugar or honey with hot water.

If you don’t have any high blood sugar, it’s okay drink freely. But if you do, watch out drink too much.

Honey citron tea weight loss

There would be no effect to lose your weight. Because many sugar in citron tea would hinder your diet plan.

On the other hand, it is really good for curing or preventing cold disease.

yuja tea amazon

There are some Korean citron tea in Amazon from Ottogi to Nokchawon.

Nokchawon Honey Citron Tea

Nokchawon Honey citron tea is more fresh organic citron tea than major brand citron tea such as ottogi citron tea. Of courese, it is more expensive than other citron tea.


Nokchawon is very small company but, most organic company has very small business. If you want to drink more organic citron tea, it might be good choice to buy nokchawon citron tea.