Plus Sizes Korean Fashion Site or Brand : BEST 7

Which plus-size Korean fashion brands might a good choice?

HOTPING online plus-size store
for women
JSTYLE women for big-size clothes
picture of plus-size model
COS premium brand of H&M
try on clothes in offline
TOPTEN inexpensive Korean brands
plus-size of men and women
MANGO big size clothes from Spain
try on them in Korea
OLZEN plus-size suit brand for men
offline store
OKKANE big-size clothes for men
XL ~ 5XL

There are many plus-size Korean brands for plus-size women or for 5-XL men. Let’s check out.


1.Hotping : plus size for women

HOTPING is an online/offline Korean clothes store for plus size women. In fact, in Korea, It is not easy to find plus-size clothing stores not only in online stores but also in offline stores in Korea. But it is a very good choice to buy plus size clothes on Hotping. Because from the beginning, Hotping has been founded for plus size clothes. Thus there are many plus-size clothes which are beautiful and trendy. You could see pictures of clothes which plus-size models of Hotping wear, every product.



2.JSTYLE : big size for women

JSTYLE is also a women’s clothes online store for plus-size people. JSTYLE has plus-size models. Thus you could see the picture of plus-size clothes by these models. If you’re not in Korea, Hotping or JSTYLE might be the best choice to buy plus-size Korean clothes from abroad.



3.COS(H&M) : big size SPA offline/online brand

COS is a premium brand of H&M which is a globally famous Swedish clothes company. It is not a Korean brand. But there are many plus-size clothes. If you want to try on plus-size clothes, COS might be a good choice. Because, not like online stores, you could go COS offline store in Korea. If you’re in Korea, COS offline store might be an excellent choice for shopping for big-size clothes.



4.TOPTEN : plus size Korean brand

TOPTEN is a Korean SPA brand that is really inexpensive like Uniqlo, H&M, or Zara. But unfortunately, you could buy online from abroad. But in Korea, you could find TOPTEN offline stores in every big shopping malls. And there are many plus-size clothes for men or women.



5.Mango : big size Spanish brand in Korean offline store

Mango is a plus-size clothes brand in Spain. In Korea, Mango is famous for their sizes. If you’re in Korea, and you have to buy some expensive and luxury clothes which have plus-size, Mango might be a best choice. You could try on these plus-size clothes in Korea.



6.OLZEN : plus size suit for men

OLZEN is a luxury men’s suit Korean Brand. And there are many plus-size clothes. It’s hard to buy Olzen clothes from abroad, but you could go OLZEN offline store in most department stores or outlet stores in Korea. It’s little expensive brand. But if you have an important job interview or business situation, Olzen’s clothes might be the best choice in Korea.



7.OKKANE : 5XL size clothes for men

OKKANE is a plus-size online store for men in Korea. They have many plus-size from XL to 5XL and their clothes are really inexpensive. Unfortunately, there is no other language version of the website. But they have EMS abroad system. You could buy clothes from an online store by using your translate system of browsers like Chrome or Safari.


And they have offline stores, too such as Gasan Digital Flex in Seoul, Busan, Daejeon.