Ubuntu change resolution method not using Terminal

After installing Ubuntu Gnome, the first thing you have to do is adjusting resolution of Ubuntu. The method changing resolution of Ubuntu is easy.

First, open search box and type Display. Second, in Displays menu, drag top side of box to the left. Third, adjust resolution and click Apply.

In addition, with this method, you could simply change your Ubuntu screen resolution without changing code in Terminal.

Now, let’s found out detailed process with several pictures step by step.

Ubuntu change resolution process

First, open search window and type display. Click Displays in the results.


In other words, based on Ubuntu 18.04, you could find search box in the left side of top by clicking Activities. Or just press your Windows key or Command key for Mac.


But the problem is the basic value of Ubuntu screen resolution is 800 x 600. In this resolution, we can see the right side of box such as Display box.


Now, click the top side of Display window which are full of dark color and just drag to the down or to the left. You could move Display box like Windows folder movement.


After that, you could see the resolution adjusting menu by dragging Display box to the left.


Next, select Resolution you want to change and click Apply. For example, I chose resolution for 1280 x 768(16:10) for my lap top.


After that, black message box show up to you. Select Keep Changes.


Finally, changing screen resolution of Ubuntu is completed. This resolution keep going even if you powered of the Linux. But in another Linux account, this set of resolution doesn’t exist.


This method you could change Ubuntu screen resolution in Gnome mode not using Terminal and typing complicated Linux command lines. Most Ubuntu version would be similar to change resolution in Gnome mode.