VirtualBox host key not working : How to change host key?

Why VirtualBox host key is not working? Because the basic shortcut of Virtualbox of Host Key is Right Control. This shortcut only exist in keyboard for desktop.

But in many laptop, there is no Right Ctrl in keyboard layout.

This difference between keyboard layout of Desktop and laptop makes error using host key. Let’s find out how to change your host key in VirtualBox.

VirtualBox host key check

When you installed OS using VirtualBox, Right Ctrl would be set for host key. You could check it in the right side of bottom of your OS.

In Linux you can check here.


Host key is not working in VirtualBox

But in many cases, this basic host key setting which is Right Control is not working. Because keyboard layout of many users who install and use Linux are same. Some people’s keyboard layout has their own languages.

Or, in laptop it is common that there are no Right Ctrl Key in keyboard. These different keyboard layouts cause Host key not to work well.

Thus, it is good to change host key another key from Right Control.

Change VirtualBox Host key

Changing host key is simple. In VirtualBox, select Tools and click Preferences.


Click Input and select Virtual Machine. You could see Host Key Combination Shortcut in the first line.


Click Shortcut window with your mouse and type shortcut what you want to use for host key.


E.g. I changed my host key to Right Windows. And press Enter. And you have to click OK to complete changing setting.


You could check if host key is changed in the right side of bottom of your OS which is installed using VirtualBox.


But do not try to change your host key to Right Alt and Right Shift. These shortcuts might cause error, easily.